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Samsung RS 27 Service Manual Samsung

Hello, our samsung fridge Model RS265TDRS/XAA is cooling but the fan is not blowing to move the cold air around to keep the fridge as cold as it normally would be. If the evaporator fan was frozen up but has been since defrosted, could it still need to be replaced? We've put everything back together with limited items in the fridge and it's holding 35 degree's, but the door items aren't as cool as they should be, nor the drawers. The freezer is fine- except the ice maker quit working last year. Not sure if it could be related?

Samsung RS 27 Service Manual Samsung

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so I know this post is old, but I had this problem and did not see my solution so here it is. My samsung refrigerator module number rf20hfenbww top part (the actual refrigerator not the bottom freezer) was not getting cold. After a few days with it unplug I begin to tear it down and found out the the fan behind the inside cover was not running. I had to remove the three screws holding it to the back of the inside wall (be mindful that one of the screws is behind a little tab in the middle of the plate). To my surprise the red wire going to the fan was burned apart, so after rewiring it back together and put everything back together it started cooling again.

My Samsung French door fridge model RF260BEAESG/AA had cooling issue 6 months after warranty expired! It started with water under crisper drawer and fresh food section temperature got to 60F. I called Samsung service department and was told to turn energy saver off, raise the front one inch and manually defrost the fresh food section by pressing two control keys. Few weeks later the problem came back. I took the rear panel off and found ice was all over evaporator and drain hole. I added long T shape metal to keep drain hole from frozen. A couple of month later the problem came back again. Every couple of month I had to take rear panel off. I heard of adding flexible heater and decided to try. Bought a Gemline GH-203 heater and wrapped around the top part of evaporator. Boy it really works. Never have cooling issue again! 350c69d7ab


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