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Black Rock Shooter The Game PSP

Like in traditional shooter games, the character receives experience from battles, a feature common to role-playing games. The character's progress is also based on levels, which denote the player's experience in battle.

Black Rock Shooter The Game PSP

If you happen to be a fan of Black Rock Shooter then this game was made just for you, otherwise if you are looking for a fresh action-shooter twist to your JRPG then Black Rock Shooter: The Game could be the portable game you are looking for whether you are clinging to your PSP or want to test the genre waters on your Vita. The game can get a bit boring and repetitive near the end, but the story is extremely interesting and will easily carry you through to the end.

The narrative starts off slow and dull, throwing you inbattle and hoping the firearms are engaging enough. The titular character (yes,she's named "Black Rock Shooter") has piercing eyes, wears all black, carries agigantic gun, and rides a motorcycle. While she has a tough exterior, there'snot much going on in the personality department, since she's suffering fromamnesia. Black Rock Shooter was created as a weapon, but whether or not she ishuman is a question the game explores.

While the graphics tend to fall short, the sound fares better. The voices have been kept in their native Japanese and sound fine, though the dubbed fans won't be too pleased by the lack of audio localization. The music is typical of what you'd hear from a Japanese sci-fi game, with light electronic melodies mixed with hard rock. Aside from the title track, nothing is particularly memorable, but it still sounds good.

Black Rock Shooter is an action-RPG based on the anime of the same name. It is in many ways a standard Japanese-style RPG. The player controls the eponymous Black Rock Shooter as she explores the battle-ravaged landscape, and enemies will approach her when they notice her. If they get close enough, the game will switch to battle mode, which is closer to a rail shooter rather than a standard turn-based battle system.

As detailed on the PlayStation Blog, the game is a traditional top-down shooter with a twist - you can teleport your ship around the screen to evade enemies, collect power-up and solve puzzles. See the trailer below for a better idea of exactly how the mechanic works. 041b061a72


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