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[S17E9] Hard Candy 'LINK'

I have a hard time feeling sympathy for Sam. She has so many people in her court that have consistently helped pulled her up and get her life back on track. And she kept going back to the same, drug-addicted boyfriend! She KNOWS he is/was a trigger- yet she put herself and kids on a greyhound bus to go to him?!

[S17E9] Hard Candy

@Cappt - I think a lot of shows take a long break during the Thanksgiving - Christmas - New Year holidays. Many networks had their fall finales this past week (and into early next week). LAst season, SVU did have an episode in early December, but their overall episode count last season was 24 amd this season it's only 23. If I recall correctly, they do some filming during this time, it's just that as far as the TV network schedules go, this makes a good time for the fall break!As far as season 18, it's anybody's guess. The ratings for SVU bounce up and down but the show does well for NBC. The issue has always been money; despite cost control, it's probably still an expensve show. So I guess if the network is getting their money's worth, and as long as Mariska is in for another season, the chances are good for renewal. If so, there will be a new showrunner next season; Warren Leight is out after this season. So, there are a lot of factors to consider, which is why it may be hard to predict which way the show goes! NBC has also a strong investment in Chicago PD as they already have Chicago Fire and now Chicago Med. I think they are looking to build a new powerhouse with those three.

Notes: This is the first episode with only three official ingredients in a basket (dessert round). There would be no hard-set limit until season 4. Chef Rosenhouse would later compete on Sweet Genius. Chef Pollaci would later be a repeat winner on Cutthroat Kitchen.

Notes: This was a Halloween-themed episode. The Halloween candy provided in the entrée round was a mixture of traditional Halloween candies, such as candy corn. Chef Garcia previously competed on Food Network Challenge. Chef Henry later competed on Food Network Star. 041b061a72


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