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Project Lazarus | Gun Mods

The exorbitant project took 2 years and over 4 billion credits to complete. Undertaken by the Lazarus Cell, which was headed by Miranda Lawson and her assistant Wilson, it involved attaching cybernetic implants to reconstruct the Commander's skeleton, reconstruction of the skin, and fluids to restart the blood flow and internal organs. The one thing that the Illusive Man refused to do was implant a control chip in the Commander's brain, fearing that it may affect Shepard's personality and abilities. As part of the project, Shepard underwent facial reconstruction and partially lost prior abilities and talents.

Project Lazarus | Gun Mods


Shares ammo pool with Shotgun.Fires two psionically charged slugs.The projectiles do not discriminate between friend or foe when moving towards their next target, one must exercise caution and be aware of any potential friendly fire to themselves or allied bodies.

You want everything indiscriminately dead? Strike terror into anything that just happens to survive?Summon a black hole. Charge it up by sacrificing as much anger as you can into this attack. Anything caught within this attacks range will be absolutely eviscerated and leave no traces behind. Anything lucky enough to survive will have fear struck into them so hard, they'll finally learn messing with you was a bad idea and run for their lives.Be warned, this will suck up *anything*. Health, ammunition, powerups, decorations, and even your own projectiles. Fortunately not you, since you can ignore gravity.

Big update for Gardevoir day! This, as far as I can see, will be the last update for GHAG. The code has grown old, stale, and ugly for me, and the work I need to add in more features and clean everything up feels overwhelming. Thank you everyone for your kind words and praise for this project!

Additions:- XDeath sprites for most non XDeath-able monsters- Rocket reload grenade. - Press Reload to smash the rocket and lob it as a grenade. - Projectile will adjust it's trajectory on bounce and seek the closest enemy to it's best ability. - Explosions and speed are always consistent.- Mega Punch returns! Functions as a default melee attack.- Even more pokemon moves! Every 10 percent anger you gain (7 candy bars) will cause an enemy to drop a TM in order of their slot number.- Thunderbolt. Occupies slot 3. - Dropped by enemy at 30% anger. - Charge up and explosively electric attack. - Range, strength, and damage increase with anger. - Costs 15% anger to use, but not required.- Psychic. Occupies slot 4. - Dropped by enemy at 40% anger. - A moderately high damaging psychic projectile. - Increases in fire speed the higher rage is. - Each projectile costs 0.5% to use, but is not required.- Icy Wind. Occupies slot 5. - Dropped by enemy at 50 percent anger. - A short range, piercing, light damaging attack that is rapid fire. - As rage increases, it will spawn more projectiles and increase in travel speed. - Each projectile costs 1% to use, but is not required.- Will-O-Wisp. Occupies slot 6 - Dropped by enemy at 60 percent anger - Summons a spiraling ring of fire around the player. - As rage increases, more flame projectiles will be spawned and can be fired at a faster rate. - Each "set" of projectiles summoned costs 1% anger. - Projectiles use the "Fire" damage type.- Nailgun. Occupies slot 4. - Nails are more sadistic compared to bullets if you ask me. - Rapid fire. - Projectiles penetrate through enemies. - Anger increases damage projectiles perform.- PSY-BP12. Occupies slot 7. - A staple of the PSY-SWAT Special Ops team, standing for Psychic Bullet Punch, owing it's name to the fact that psychic types cannot learn that move. - This shotgun takes any 12 guage ammunition and psionically charges the shells into highly lethal slugs that can auto-target towards enemies that are perceived as threats by the wielder, assuming the wielder's psychic abilities are strong enough. Very few pokemon are naturally able to take full advantage of this gun, and only a handful of humans have mastered the weapon after decades of training. - Fires two psionically charged slugs. - The projectiles do not discriminate between friend or foe when moving towards their next target, one must exercise caution and be aware of any potential friendly fire to themselves or allied bodies. - As anger increases, the slugs will auto-target more enemies for every 10% anger.

The LAZARUS MODDER PACK is a set of tools created by Team Lazarus over the course of developing Lazarus. For those of you who would like to take Lazarus a step further with mods (or bug fixes) of your own, these tools will make that much easier.

As many of you are aware, there's another project that's been in production for a while now which is built upon PROJECT BRITANNIA, the same tech/art core that Lazarus is built on (we worked together to build that). The Ultima VI Project, sometimes called Archon (U6P for short), is an attempt to "retell" Ultima VI in much the same way that Lazarus is a remake of Ultima V--like Lazarus, it's all in the Dungeon Siege engine.

P.S.- After giving five and a half years of my life to this project, I must admit that seeing a review of anything less than 80% rather pains me. However, that said, the review is spot on when it says that we've got a great game marred by some very annoying bugs--since 99.9% of those bugs will be released with our final build in just a few weeks, that lessens the sting a lot for me.

While the emphasis is on realism, the mods also give more options to roleplaying. Find a bowtie and a Walther PPK and pretend to be a secret agent, a fedora and a Tommy gun and be a gangster, or a cowboy hat and an old revolver to evoke the Wild West.

Do you have a favourite weapon/piece of armour from your mods? Where should a new player start? What are some good loadouts you would recommend for different types of players (stealthy players, players looking to eliminate hordes etc.)?

I've got a wee bit of experience with Pascal, as I've used it to create mods via TES5Edit for Skyrim, and I've hit a wee snag with modding Dark Souls, and I figured flexin' me Pascalerrific muscles would be a good exercise.

I am a manus makerspace mentor, course 2A-6, and avid maker. I pretty much live at metropolis and knowhow to use most of the machines there and in the deep. I love CADing (have already CADded a model forthe project) and have recently learned PCB design and manufacturing. I was also part of the team thatwon 3rd place at MakeMIT last year 041b061a72


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