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PATCHED Cubase 10 ##BEST##

windows 10 is the worst operating system i ever used in my life, so many bugs! i will not debate it, after 20 years of experience on building audio pcs i have my preferences, anyway not sure were the problem is since ONLY the operating system has changed, same cubase, same hardware, yes disabling overclock profiles in bios and power management, dcp, etc etc etc helped a lot with dropouts and disconnects between cubase and virus but the problem with the patches is stil there. since the hdd is a m2 i suspect that there is some syncing issue between the drive and virus usb.(probably caused by the chipset) i get the same error if i delete the whole folder with the patches so my theory is that for an instant virus vst cannot read the hdd. if access was a company that cares for their customers they would spend some time upgrading their vst on a hardware we spend a fortune to purchase.

PATCHED Cubase 10

My contribution was: Have you tried it with another daw? If there problem is not there -> the issue is with cubase -> report to Steinberg (you have the crash log with details what caused the crash) -> maybe they can/will patch it! With your 20 years of "audio pc" (whatever that is) building experience you should know this, and also that you cannot connect a HDD to a M.2 slot, also your M.2 lanes are not shared per say with the usb controller(s), so the external usb device can not intervene with your preferred choice of storage device. Most certainly not a specific portion of it, in this case the folder named "patches".

glad you figured it out, but i can see that it does not stop you from commenting false info on other peoples posts, who said anything about connecting m2 to hddz? are you high or something and since you clearly have nothing to do with your life you want to start a dispute with me? your motherboard chipset is responsible for all devices bandwidth and you should really do your research. anyway i might try your solution and i have tried several versions of cubase. p.s. i know how to analyze logs, this is where my theory is based.

I am still struggling with this - using Cubase Elements 9 and windows 10. The only place that I can find the scripts is within the Steinberg folder c:/programfiles/steinberg/cubase elements le9/scripts/patchnames/inactive where all the files are txt. My new patch file is for the roland XP30 so I copy it into the roland folder, go back to cubase, midi device manager and its not listed. The only import option seems to be import setup which is looking for an xml file. I have tried converting the file to xml but brings up an unsupported message (Libre office).

I am back again. I entered every single instrument into the Yamaha PSR-A3000.txt file. Most of the patches work on my PSR-A3000, except few of them. For example: S.Art! Vibes&JazzGuitar in Percussion Voice category, does NOT get mapped to the PSR keyboards correctly. The cubase track is unable to trigger S.Art! Vibes&JazzGuitar on my PSR-3000 although all the setting are correct based on the DATA List Document published by Yamaha for the keyboard.

I use cubase and I control my instruments with MIDI. Now I want to know how to control the patch. Specifically I am using a MIDI file where the patch makes a reset where the sound is reset to patch 1.1 at the beginning of the loop and I want to remove that reset when the track loops. How can that be done?

hello all, this is my first post. I got my Kemper a while ago and now get into using it with my band for the first time.We play to a cubase clicktrack anyways, so I would like to let cubase change my patches in performance mode.

TryCreate a new cubase sessionAdd one midi trackDraw a part, 5-10 barsOpen to List editorDraw some program changes with pencil toolGive the program changes different program numbersConnect midi out of interface to midi in on the Kemper, eventually to midi in on your remotePress play and watch the rig change.

I have benn using my Helix LT for a year or two now and one of the feature I use the most is midi remote control from Cubase 10. We play to a clic and follow a Cubase project and all my preset and snapshot changes are triggered from a midi track in cubase assigned to helix through midi over USB. What I would like to do now is to get rid of the FBV shortboard MKII that I use to start, stop and navigate through Cubase markers and use Helix to do that instead. The problem I run into is that whenever I go to a certain marker using Helix as my midi remote, Cubase then sends back a midi program change command to Helix in order to go to the appropriate preset. When this happens, Helix then transmit back a midi command to Cubase telling it where it's at and releasing the footswitch now that I'm in a new preset also sends a midi command back to Cubase... this gives some weird behaviors like midi feedback and dual commands (press once but feels like I pressed twice) and most of the time all will fail. Is there a way to seperate the midi channel from the DAW remote from the midi channel from the preset/snapshot control?

At this point, I'm not sure whether Helix is the problem or if Cubase 10 is. If I assign no output to the midi track dedicated to helix in cubase, transport control will work like a charm but then, my presets won't change automatically following the track. If I assign the output of the track to helix, transport will respond but: 350c69d7ab


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