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our officers will be working overtime to ensure that new yorkers have safe travel this holiday season and that no one suffers a loss of life or limb because of driver irresponsibility on new york city streets and highways, said chief of transportation kim royster. since the passage of the dot 10-year plan in january, new yorkers have seen significant progress in our traffic safety initiatives, including the mayor's traffic safety plan and the city's traffic safety action plan.

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protecting new york city residents, visitors and visitors is the first priority for the nypd, added chief royster. our officers and public-safety initiatives are all about ensuring that everyone who walks, bikes, drives and travels safely in our city can do so without fear of injury or death.

i'd like to thank all the hardworking officers and agents who help keep new york city streets and highways safe during the holidays. their dedication makes a difference for new yorkers and all motorists, added assemblymember deborah j. glick. new yorkers should make every effort to keep our streets safe and traffic accidents out of our city.

nypd patrols and enforcement officers will do everything possible to ensure the safety of all new yorkers during the holiday season, including ensuring that drivers traveling in new york city adhere to the traffic laws, said nypd chief kim royster. this holiday season, we'll be working with our traffic safety partners to help keep our residents safe.

there is no question that distracted driving is a serious problem on our roads, said assemblymember robin l. williamson. when you go into a store to make a purchase, you are engaging your brain to make the best decisions for the items you want. you must first focus on the items you are purchasing and what you want to do with them. once you have made your purchase, you must then focus on completing your transaction. not paying attention to the task at hand puts you at an increased risk of a car accident. we must take every step we can to stop distracted driving and keep our communities safer.


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