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Wanderer Weekly - Week 20

In week #20 of his year-long wandering adventure, “Stevie Wander”, explores Israel in late winter 1971. Hitchhiking with two females he heads south from the ancient city of Jericho, past Jerusalem and the Dead Sea, a quick visit in Bethlehem and the birthplace of Christ, then onto the bustling city of Hebron, the home of the Cave of The Patriarchs. Then a visit of the mountaintop precipice of the mystical Masada. One woman leaves the group and it is just Stevie and his companion Lynn continuing on. They spend a night out in the desert near the Israeli and Jordanian border. Suddenly they hear military vehicles, soldiers, rocket fire overhead. Fearing for their lives, huddled together, they make it through the night out in the desert. Come hear more stories of the thrilling adventures of the 70’s nomad hippie “Stevie Wander.”

This post was originally published at the website of Author, F.T. Burke

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