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Wanderer Weekly - Week #23

The intrepid wanderer is on the road to Jerusalem from a short interlude in southern Israel around Eilat and the Red Sea. He receives a gift of the Bhagavad Gita and then later on, a Bible. His spiritual senses are heightened at an all-time high. The ancient majestic city of Jerusalem fills “Stevie Wander” with philosophical, religious, spiritual, and global type of thoughts and feelings that spill over into talks with his traveling companions, Lynn, Polly, and Alan. From the Garden of the Tomb to the Wailing Wall to a walk down the Via Dolorosa to visiting Gethsemane, Stevie is enthralled by the myths and legends and truth he senses from within. Come and experience this spectacular adventure from fifty years ago this week.

This post was originally published at the website of Author, F.T. Burke

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