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Wanderer Weekly - Week #34

It’s week 34 of the wandering hippie journey by “Stevie Wander” exactly fifty years ago. This week we find him traveling in the Vale of Kashmir. He spends a week in Srinagar living on a houseboat with a couple other guys. Water everywhere—canals, lakes, rivers, locks. Forests of greenery and mountain landscapes ring the horizon, while locals are nestled in the broad green valley of lakes and river. Everyone seems to be selling something from their floating shops. The guys get stoned on hashish then decide to row out to Nagin Lake, they get lost in the lyrical river system as a dark night sky reveals an ocean of stars—row, row, row the boat, they eventually make it back home to their house boat. Next day it’s a journey to climb up a mountain that juts up in the valley. Come hear more about this once-in-a-lifetime adventure in the Vale of Kashmir, while on the Hippie Trail.

This post was originally published at the website of Author, F.T. Burke

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