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Wanderer Weekly - Week #36

It’s week 36 of the intrepid journey of the wandering hippie, “Stevie Wander” exactly fifty years ago. This week we find him in the Himalayan Mountains at Sheshnag Lake. Stevie breaks camp and heads down the mountain range. The grueling trek has taxed his body to the limit. With a swollen ankle, aches and pains everywhere, he heads down the mountain with his hiker friend. One slip could send them tumbling down a thousand feet below amongst the rocks and river. They make it back safely to their regular campsite in Pehalgam. But now it’s time to pack up and head back on the road to Jammu City. The goal is to make it to Dharamshala where the Tibetan government is in exile. Stevie hopes to see the Dalai Lama. Come hear more about this once-in-a-lifetime adventure in India, while on the Hippie Trail.

This post was originally published at the website of Author, F.T. Burke

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