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Wanderer Weekly - Week #45

It’s week 45 of Stevie Wander's year-long journey on the Hippie Trail from 50-years ago. This week we find him on the move heading West. He boards a train in Delhi toward the Pakistani border. He must play a few songs on his flute before the border guard gives him permission to cross. He travels from Pakistan towards Afghanistan. Stevie is now inappropriate in his scanty Indian garb, back in Muslim territory. His rubber Indian sandals break. He is barefoot in the rough streets of Kabul. The locals give him a hard time. After a dramatic first night in Afghanistan, Stevie settles down at the Hindukush Hotel. Life is a challenge for a barefoot lone traveler, however he is engaged by the sexy, high energy Marie. Come hear more of the exciting stories of this once-in-a-lifetime adventure!

This post was originally published at the website of Author, F.T. Burke

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